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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Circuit of Crêtes

The guidebook of the "Les Crêtes du Haut Beaujolais" excursion

All the trails of Haut Beaujolais to explore on foot or on horseback!

The circuit of "Crêtes du Haut Beaujolais" is a route covering all of the municipalities of Haut Beaujolais in a tour of around 120 km. Each stage is described very precisely and accompanied by a 1:25000 map. It's a hike that takes several days roaming, that is to say with different accommodation each evening. Each accommodation is shown on the map at its precise location, and an index at the end of the guidebook gives the coordinates of each of them.

Furthermore, the hiker can freely choose the length of his/her stages depending on his/her accommodation.

This tour is intended for experienced or sporty hikers. It is a magnificent hike with extremely varied landscapes, allowing to discover an unknown aspect of Beaujolais, which will impress all walkers. The second part of the guidebook presents one-day hikes from 5 to 20 km long. They are aimed at all walkers, for all levels and range from a simple 2-hour walk to longer walks.

Plan your route

Plan your route The guidebook of "Les crêtes du Haut Beaujolais" is:

  • A 120 km itinerant circuit lasting 3 to 7 days with the possibility of accommodation and luggage transport. - Exceptional views and a wide variety of landscapes.
  • More than 13 daily loops of 5 to 20 km, each with their originality.
  • A map of each circuit on a 1:25000 IGN background and a detailed description.


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