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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Saint-Jacques de Compostelle

The number of pilgrims taking this historical path is increasing every day. Its well-marked route, numerous accommodation places, the rich heritage of the villages and the beauty of the landscapes, make it an ideal hiking route.

There are many paths crossing France to reach St Jacques de Compostelle. The one that crosses our territory comes from Cluny, where you can still admire the ruins of its abbey, and joins Puy via St Jacques des Arrêts, Ouroux, Col de Crie to reach Echarmeaux and continue in the department of Loire.

Plan your route

You can find all the details of the way to St Jacques de Compostelle, from Cluny to Puy en Velay, also departing from Lyon, in "Le Guide Orange" published by the Association of Friends of St Jacques in the Rhône-Alpes. This small booklet updated annually indicates all the stages and lists a lot of practical information, such as accommodation or supply places.

Departure from the Mâcon-Loché TGV station

Discover the connection between the Macon-Loché TGV station and the village of Cenves!

This fully signposted, new route allows you to start your pilgrimage directly from the station: a very useful departure for the way to St Jacques de Compostelle.

Let yourself be enchanted by a wonderful change of scenery, which will allow you to suddenly pass from the stress of urban life to the calm and serenity of the middle mountains.


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