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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Trail of Mont Saint-Rigaud - Beaujolais - Deux-Grosnes

  • Deux-Grosnes

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Parking de la Maison de la randonnée et du trail au col de Crie
69860 Deux-Grosnes

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The advantages of the course
Mont Saint-Rigaud: a 1009 m summit to climb easily to train and prepare for more difficult journeys.

A hike representative of Haut-Beaujolais and its paths suitable for various hiking practices: trail running, Nordic or Afghan walking, mountain biking… A site to commune with the vibrations of nature: the massif is traversed by springs and covered with a dense forest, a real refuge for wild animals. Its soil is made up of fertile soil for a sometimes rare mountain flora. Cross made with materials found on the site.

When and how to take advantage of it?

In all seasons: 
– in winter, on snowshoes when the snow has fallen 
– in spring, to learn how to recognise wild plants and impress your companions. Hike thanks to the botanist’s hidden talents 
– during the summer, to benefit from the shade of the undergrowth and cool off at the miraculous spring
 – in the fall, for a colourful outing spend time at the top to become an expert in the massif: climb the observation tower to identify the peaks of the Alps and the Massif Central, follow the educational trail to learn more about the fauna and flora of Haut-Beaujolais, the unique geology of the region, but also in the history of the priory or from the source in the company of PikPik the black peak.