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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group Séminaires

Beaujolais - Mont Brouilly - Loop 5.5

  • Cercié

This sector will take cyclists to the heart of Beaujolais. Straddling mountains and vineyards, the loops of sector 6 promise all cyclists to find what they are looking for, on loops that are both accessible and difficult.

Sporty side
This fairly short circuit, with three pass climbs and elevation gain, remains relatively easy.
The major difficulty is the Col de la Croix Rosier. We go up during half of the course and we go down on the second. The slopes are regular and never excessive, but 640 m of elevation must be achieved over 16 km.
A minimum of training is necessary or provide breaks at pass passages.

Tourism side
A small peak detached from the surrounding massifs and isolated in the heart of the vineyard, Mont Brouilly is an emblem of the Beaujolais vineyard. For centuries, its sunny hillsides have been used for viticulture.
This wine-growing past dates back to antiquity. A place of spirituality, it has been surmounted since 1857 by Notre-Dame-aux-Raisins, a chapel built to protect the vines from disease and the vagaries of the weather.
The natural and historical wealth of Mont Brouilly has earned it geosite and Espace Naturel Sensible titles.