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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Green Beaujolais - La Boucle des Sapins - Loop 3.4 - La Boucle des Sapins - Loop 3.4

  • Grandris - Cublize - Chamelet

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Lac des Sapins
69550 Grandris - Cublize - Chamelet

Get there (GPS) accueil,beaujolaisvert,com Website

The Beaujolais Vert is a perfect area for regular cycle hikers looking for a difference in altitude. Among the 6 loops, 3 are rated "difficult" and 3 "very difficult"!

Sporty Side
Circuit for experienced cyclists, the effort required is rewarded by the landscape. The roads of this course are splendid. Departure from Cublize, warming up of
a few kilometres in the Kidneys valley, ascent of the Col de la Cambuse followed by its very beautiful descent to Grandris, ascent of the Col de Nuzières, descent to Chamelet, to recover, before the ascent of 3 passes on magnificent roads and finally back , downhill, on Cublize.

Tourism Side
Green is the emblematic colour of this sector of Beaujolais where nature rhymes with serenity. Hiking is the ideal activity to explore it thanks to equipment and marked trails for multiple practices: trail, mountain bikes, horse riding, walking…
Lac des Sapins is located in the heart of the destination. Open to boating, it also has the largest biological swimming pool in Europe with, around its perimeter, a range of outdoor activities that respect the environment.