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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Le Sentier Victor

  • Sentier victor

100 km of itinerant excursions in the Heart of Beaujolais

The Sentier Victor covers more particularly the Beaujolais Rouge, meandering through the vineyards.

Between vine stocks, heaths and forests, nature lovers will find their happiness on these marked trails stopping in 12 aptly named villages: Beaujeu, Lantignié, Régnié-Durette, Villié-Morgon, Chiroubles, Fleurie, Chénas, Juliénas, Jullié, Emeringes, Vauxrenard and Avenas. 3 variants allow you to take only part of the entire route.

The signposting is easily recognizable with the logo of the playful and friendly little character of Victor. Take a good look at the direction where Victor directs his gaze, he tells you the way to follow...

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Variants of the Sentier Victor...

On the Sentier Victor, 3 variants were drawn, thus allowing to "cut" the entire route, to reduce the distances and to make loops of various mileage. It is therefore possible to create a personalized route. Depending on your mood or your physical condition, you can therefore prepare your hike à la carte!

We invite you to purchase the "Au Coeur du Beaujolais" guidebook to plan your hike. The routes and accommodation places below are offered for information only.

The guidebook also references other loops to discover as well as places of accommodation. These are located precisely along the route, some being more or less close to the initial circuit and may lengthen or shorten your stage.

  • Sentier pedestre c.jambon

Sentier Victor - Suggested discovery tour - About 46 km - 2 days

  • DAY 1: about 28 km Villié-Morgon - St Joseph - La Terrasse de Chiroubles (Path 1) Col du Fût d'Avenas - Beaujeu
  • DAY 2: about 18 km Beaujeu - Lantignié - Régnié-Durette - Villié-Morgon
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Sentier Victor - Suggested discovery tour - About 46 km - 3 days

  • DAY 1 : about 11 km - Beaujeu - Lantignié - Régnié-Durette
  • DAY 2: about 21 km - Régnié-Durette - Villié-Morgon - La Terrasse de Chiroubles -
  • Avenas (with the variant 1)
  • DAY 3: about 14 km - Avenas - Beaujeu
  • S victor 2014 001

Sentier Victor - Suggested discovery tour - About 81 km

  • DAY 1: about 18 km Beaujeu - Villié-Morgon
  • DAY 2: about 19 km Villié-Morgon - Fleurie
  • DAY 3: about 17 km Fleurie - Path 3 - Emeringes
  • DAY 4: about 27 km Emeringes - Beaujeu
  • Topo guide au coeur du beaujolais


The guidebook "In the Heart of Beaujolais" is available at a price of 12 €. It allows you to plan your route and create your stay according to your pace and your desires.
It includes:

  • detailed maps of the Victor, Estelle and Victor Express trails (basis of IGN maps)
  • precise technical descriptions
  • the location of accommodations and restaurants
  • GPS points, practical services, advice and tourism pages
  • suggestions for discovery loops with variable mileage.
  • Portage des bagages Portage des bagages


Take advantage of the luggage transport.. and accommodation and food points along your route.

Our host friends can carry your luggage from one stage to another in order to allow you to hike in complete freedom: service and comfort guaranteed throughout the route.

And after meandering the trails, do not hesitate to take a break and taste our local products in a friendly atmosphere.

Sentier Victor Express

Direct access from the MACON LOCHE TGV station

Departing from the Mâcon Loché TGV station and passing a loop of 26 km in 2 routes (Round Trip), the Sentier Victor Express is a route that connects you to Beaujolais passing through the Mâconnais and admiring its remarkable landscaped heritage. It crosses 8 villages: Leynes, Saint Verand, Juliénas, Saint Amour Bellevue, Chânes, Chaintré, Vinzelles and Loché.

It also provides access to Cluny and Roche de Solutré, the Trail of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, the Assisi path or the Estelle Trail and the Haut Beaujolais Crest Circuit.

The OUTWARD route links the Mâcon Loché TGV station to Juliénas and the Sentier Victor. The RETURN route links Juliénas to the Mâcon-Loché TGV station. Follow Victor!


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