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Beaujolais Geopark

Discover the heritage treasures of Beaujolais

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Renowned the world over for its wines, Beaujolais has inherited one of the richest and most complex geologies in France, and in some ways, on earth! Beaujolais was awarded the "UNESCO World Geopark" designation in order to promote this exceptional heritage.

In order to understand what the Geopark is, it is necessary to retrace geosite steps. These are places of interest that give an interpretation of the geological history. It's sort of an encyclopedia for Beaujolais.
Castles, hiking trails, and exceptional viewpoints are some of the iconic and must-see attractions in the region that you will discover.
Located on the edge of the Massif Central to the north-west of Lyon, immediately opposite the Alps and bordered to the east by the Saône Valley, the geological history of Beaujolais dating back several hundred million years is reflected here in the present through human activities, history, heritage, culture and life in this region.
A large part of its identity, its past, and its future emanates from its stones which are golden, red, green, white, grey, and black all of which are remarkably showcased in its traditional architecture. There are many unique sites in the heart of the Beaujolais region worth visiting, such as the village of Oingt, ranked as the most beautiful village in France, as well as Mont Brouilly, an iconic natural site offering a panoramic view of the vineyards, the Saône and Dombes plains and the Alps.
If you want to discover the Geopark in a fun way, you must also participate in geo-events. You will be introduced to the tasting of Beaujolais wines, discover the terroirs, guided walks, guided tours, and workshops on traditional trades. All these activities will familiarise you with the geological riches of Beaujolais at any time of the year.

Les Géosites du Beaujolais

Les Géo Evénements du Beaujolais