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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Chemin d'Assise

Chemins de foi, chemins pour tous

Chemin de Vézelay to Assisi passing through Beaujolais

Since its creation, this path is intended to be a pilgrimage route in the spirit of Saint Francis. You should therefore not expect to find all the "comfort" or all the "facilities" of a hiking route, both in terms of signposting and accommodation or supply possibilities. The hospitality of the unexpected or even the discomfort, the search for simplicity or even sobriety are the most common conditions for those who set off for Assisi.

They thus allow to catch the spirit of the gospel as St Francis chose to live it.

Paths of faith, paths for all...

For many centuries, pilgrims have crossed Europe to go to the Holy Land, Santiago de Compostela, Rome... mainly for spiritual reasons but then also for economic reasons and, more recently, to enjoy the pleasures of walking, landscapes, silence and solitude... Today, more and more people, those of faith or not, take these paths traced by the first pilgrims.

Chemins de foi, chemins pour tous...

Depuis de nombreux siècles, des pèlerins ont traversé l'Europe pour se rendre en Terre Sainte, à St Jacques de Compostelle, à Rome ... pour des raisons spirituelles essentiellement mais ensuite aussi pour des raisons économiques et, plus récemment, pour goûter aux plaisirs de la marche, des paysages, du silence et de la solitude...

Aujourd'hui, de plus en plus de personnes, croyantes ou non, empruntent ces chemins tracés par les premiers pèlerins.


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