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From Pen to Fork, when Writers taste - Dinner

Sat. jul 3, 2021

During Bienvenue en Beaujonomie, the bistronomic-wine festival in the Beaujolais region, Château de Bellevue will welcomes you for lunch on Saturday 03 July 2021 for the event "Les Cocottes de Bellevue".

On Saturday July 3rd from 6.30 p.m., it is in the heart of our estate that we invite you to spend a bucolic evening glorifying wines, words & food ...
We are preparing a beautiful summer evening for you to experience a unique "marriage of the senses" between the Château's wines, simmered dishes by Marie DIAS - Chef of Restaurant Le Coq - and reading aloud, all with a Jazz background.
With the voices of Natacha Polony, famous french journalist, and Julien Gauthier, actor, a selection of epicurean texts will be read (Balzac, Colette, Baudelaire) to the rhythm of a farandole of casseroles and tasty dishes to share on your table.
"In prose or in verse, from fates to feasts, the greatest signatures told their time by praising the art of good food" wrote Périco Légasse, famous food critic, also present at this evening of July 3rd.
For more information on this evening, please call the Château: +33(0)4 74 66 98 88

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Dinner on Saturday 03 July 2021