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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group

Touristic rally "The North of Beaujolais"

For Quest Outdoor

jan 1 to dec 31, 2022

With the help of riddles and intellectual games, this rally takes you on a discovery of the north of the Beaujolais, through hills and valleys, from chapels to castles, through vineyards and villages, from fictional characters to celebrities.

You will be able to bring up to forty persons with you for a stimulating and jovial adventure, taking in charming ochre villages, numerous castles, reliefs full of vines and woods with an authentic local history.
The riddles and games will lead from one stage to another, and discoveries full of surprises, all will be in a good mood and great emulation.


Average playing time: From 3h30 to 4h30 (vehicle based).

Level of difficulty: medium

Departure: from Belleville-sur-Saône, the trail goes through Saint Jean d’Ardières, Corcelles, Pizay, Villié-Morgon, Régnié-Durette, Beaujeu, Monsols, Chiroubles, Romanèche-Thorins.

Principle: the co-driver guides his driver from stage to stage using a map and instructions. At each stop, riddles or games inform your team the mission to be done. These missions can be very different from one stage to the next (observation, deduction, code, search, test…). All teams will answer the same questions. But the questions are not necessarily asked in the same order, so that everyone can make the most of the game as well as their adventure. Within a playful spirit, the teams will meet, catch up and exchange throughout their journey; which will give them a chance to emulate each other.
This rally is not just a game, it is also a walk through a territory with many beautiful places, with a long and rich history, curiosities and full of interests.
This game is designed, ideally for teams of 3 to 4 people. It is offered either as a single-game package (1 team only), or to play even with up to 8 teams.

Contents: a game package for each team which contains the riddles, detailed itinerary, map and additional cultural and tourist information on the places to be crossed +a route questionnaire (observing questions on the route, ideal to involve the passengers in the back and especially the kids) + solutions to the riddles and questionnaire + advice on how to use the game for each team + advice to the organiser.

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Opening hours

Every day throughout the year between 9 am and 7 pm.
Closed on Sunday.