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Destination and stays in Beaujolais
Destination and stays in Beaujolais Route des vins Group Séminaires

Visite de la Tour du Télégraphe Chappe

april 28 to sept 28, 2024

Presentation of the new 2024 video, with commentary by the association's volunteers and a demonstration of how it works.

The Chappe Telegraph (fully restored in 2022) is a 4-metre square, 6-metre high golden stone building, topped by a mechanism consisting of 3 moving arms used to form and transmit coded aerial signals. This tower, the 55th station out of 58 on the Paris-Lyon line, was commissioned in 1805 and extended as far as Venice. This formidable means of communication, invented by Claude Chappe in 1793, ceased to operate in 1854. The French telegraph network was 5,000 km long, with 535 stations serving 29 towns.
Interpretation and information panels outside explain how the tower and the telegraph network worked.


Spoken languages

  • fr

Opening hours

From 28/04 to 28/09, daily 3pm-6pm guided tours. For groups contact by email.

Reservation details

Visits during the week by reservation for groups.